Uniwell4POS Solutions

Uniwell POS Australia and Lynx Software have collaborated to develop Uniwell4POS – a series of tailored POS solutions designed for specific hospitality and food retail sectors. 

  • Uniwell’s embedded POS technology has a reputation for being versatile, easy-to-operate and robust.  
  • Uniwell Lynx back-office software, designed and supported in Australia, delivers powerful POS maintenance facilities and provides much needed data for sales and management analysis.
  • Integrated peripherals enhance your POS system and increase venue efficiency.

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Uniwell touchscreen POS solutions for hospitality and food retail

Speed of service is key for a busy Aussie pie shop! Whether it be early in the morning, ‘smoko time’ or the busy lunch trade, efficiency at the front counter is of prime importance. In recent years, many bakeries have further enhanced their appeal by adding high quality espresso coffee to their product mix. These developments have changed the Point of Sale requirements of the modern bakery.

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Flexibility is at the heart of the POS requirements of any bar and bistro venue.  You need quick service at the bar, but sophisticated restaurant capabilities in the bistro.  Reliability and security are critical.  Adding new products, maintaining prices and managing promotions are all part of the back-office control required for your venue.  Detailed sales and profit analysis and comprehensive inventory management are also a must.

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An integrated Point of Sale system is the communication hub of a thriving café.  Linking front-of-house and back-of-house operations, and providing café owners with critical sales and management data, the importance of effective Café POS should not be underestimated. If you are looking for a Café POS Solution – you need to consider Uniwell4Cafes!

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Versatility is vital for a convenience store point of sale solution. General stores, superettes and independent supermarkets need a high capacity POS that makes store management easier. Whether it be barcode scanning, weighed items or takeaway food – an effective Convenience POS system handles all of these requirements with ease. Control is also critical – retail shrinkage in this sector is a major factor, so price and inventory control, along with detailed sales data analysis, are important factors that improve efficiency.

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Whether you operate a pizzeria, burger bar or sandwich shop, you need a point of sale system that is easy-to-use, defines customer options and enhances promotional opportunities.  Meal deals, upselling and customer loyalty are also on the to-do list for modern fast food establishments.

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Uniwell Point of Sale solutions for fruit shops and food retail

The food retail marketplace has changed dramatically in recent years with the advent of Australia’s ‘foodie’ culture.  Fresh food retailers are more than fruit stalls or butchers – they are now gourmet provedores, offering a wide variety of multi-cultural food products.  With these developments comes the need for enhanced point of sale capabilities – barcode scanning, weighed items or prepared meals packaged in-house.

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Sophistication – a fundamental consideration for the point of sale requirements of modern full-service restaurants. Your Restaurant POS Solution should reflect the professionalism of your establishment – including handheld ordering, table maps, extensive kitchen printing and display features and advanced billing and payment options.

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If you operate a hospitality or food retail venue in Sydney
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